Get to know us.

Like most successful innovators, Reveal began with a vision of creating software to revolutionize operational excellence and deliver something truly special.



Operational Excellence.

Although Operation Excellence programs and associated concepts are common today, when Reveal was established this was not the case. Reveal understood that the industrialization techniques and practices which had been so effectively implemented in manufacturing would one day be applicable to service industries. Each year during the past decade Reveal has made significant investments in research and development to build a suite of tools, techniques and training to fulfill its vision. 

Designing and developing a comprehensive, innovative solution has been part of Reveal's DNA from the outset and continues to this day. 

The challenge.

From early on Reveal appreciated that the web would transform operations management by eliminating geographical constraints and would also make Operational Excellence tools affordable for all businesses. Reveal also foresaw developments in cloud technology and open architectures that would facilitate application interoperability. 

Today, Reveal works with a select number of specialist partners and developers around the world to ensure each module incorporates state of the art functionality and technology. Reveal also leverages the breadth of this functionality to provide creative solutions to specific customer challenges.

Our solution.

In the early days, the primary focus for Reveal was on developing a workforce management solution specifically for back office operations and service fulfillment functions. Reveal had the foresight to establish a number of design principles to drive software development. These principles include:

  • A cloud-based SaaS solution
  • A business services catalog
  • Insightful, comprehensive analytics
  • A global, scalable and mobile solution
  • An emphasis on ease-of-use
  • A modular and 'open' solution
  • The ability to rapidly incorporate improvements
  • Industrial strength and high performance

Reveal's software today has built out this platform to also provide help desk, call center and branch solutions. 


We are team of specialists committed to technology innovations in operational excellence.

Reveal is strongly dedicated to its customers, we go the extra mile to understand their needs and provide them with the software tools to maximize value. This commitment has been instrumental to our success. We work as a close-knit team around the world.


Reveal has never been constrained by borders. Our software is available to any organization, anywhere in the world, in any language - quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 

We have a growing network of exceptional and passionate partners in all geographies. 


Our expert team is tuned into evolving business and technology developments to ensure Reveal is always at the forefront. We also constantly evaluate the applicability of these advancements to our customer base. It’s an evolutionary process that makes us leaders and innovators so we can design new practical features and ensure that our customers stay a step ahead.

And, most importantly, Why?

We are proud of what we do – and with good reason. We help our customers realize their ambitions through the use of innovative and leading edge technologies.