Comprehensive business intelligence.

Information at your fingertips.


Report Selections

All the information you'll ever need.

Reveal collects and retains information on every aspect of your operational performance, forever.  Invariably operations executives also need non-operational data to get a complete picture. Reveal's powerful business intelligence platform provides a single source of accurate data to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Personalized Dashboards

A picture tells a thousand words.

Reveal comes with an extensive suite of reports and dashboards which have been proven to be of value to operational executives around the world. Furthermore dashboards and reports can be tailored to each customer's specific needs. Reveal also provides data visualizations to meet each individual's preferences.

Drill Down and Drill Through

Insights are just a click away.

Get down to the details to understand the real story. Reveal's powerful data-driven system allows you to easily ‘Drill Down’ or ‘Drill Through’ the numbers – no rounding or aggregation.

Company Collaboration

Collective wisdom.

Collaborative conversations can make a real difference. Reveal helps you analyze data with co-workers, embed reports and exchange ideas – giving you the opportunity to quickly understand what’s driving your company’s performance.

Push Reports and Alerts

Be prompted into action.

Many organizations drown in data and miss out on taking action when they should. Reveal's alert feature enables the personalization of prompts to ensure significant deviations are highlighted so action is taken.

Supporting Agility

Enable business movement.

Reports and dashboards are immediately available on any device. This means you get the information you need, when you need it, saving you time and money.

Secure Solution

Your data security assured.

Reveal utilizes a proven and multi-tiered security infrastructure across its online and mobile platforms to ensure compliance with security policies.

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