Market Leading Business Bank


"Today we have accurate information on every aspect of our operational performance. Finance and Operations can truly work as partners rather than being adversaries."


  • While our customer is the business banking market leader in the countries in which it operates, this leadership position was threatened by competitors aggressively targeting to take business from our customer.
  • In response our customer designed and implemented a new business model premised on delivering vastly superior service at significantly lower cost.
  • The department’s challenge was to process increasing volumes while consistently meeting stretch service level targets and maintaining headcount numbers.
  • It adopted a "greenfield" approach to defining its performance and financial management requirements . This resulted in not only more sophisticated metrics and information requirements, but also new demands in terms of timing and provision of information. 
  • Alternative workforce management solutions were being used across the bank but these were deemed inadequate considering the goals of the redesign and information requirements.


  • Business services and activities were defined in a way that was unmatched by the level of granularity and insightfulness of existing workflow and MI reporting.
  • Custom skills reporting was developed to support the onboarding of new bankers by tracking their skill progression and performance improvement month-on-month.
  • Reveal metrics were integrated with banker scorecards to enable real-time self-service of performance information to frontline staff.
  • Visual dashboards were deployed to support daily huddles and included backlog, SLA and service improvement information.
  • Volume trend reporting was introduced to increase awareness of seasonality impacts and facilitate a fact-based weekly planning  cycle.
  • Reveal's long-range planning features were used to provide the workforce with advanced notice of campaigns and enable operations to optimize workforce planning. 


  • The group were able to absorb 22% volume growth whilst maintaining existing headcount.
  • The department met and maintained a ‘green’ level across all its demanding SLA targets.
  • The development of targeted training plans resulted in all key person skills gaps being closed and the bank's training investment being optimized.
  • As a result of productivity improvement of 25%, Cost per Service reduced by an average of 32% across the board.


100% attainment
service levels

32% reduction
cost per service

22% growth
work volumes

100% closure
skill gaps

40 managers

3 locations