International BPO Company


"Working with Reveal was truly a partnership. Reveal wanted us to succeed and couldn't do enough to help us every step of the way."


  • A leading global business process outsourcing provider wanted to rationalize its operating structure.
  • The CEO suspected some sites were more productive than others, though there was little tangible evidence available to confirm if this was truly the case.
  • Historically, locations were compared simply by assessing the number of cases processed, with little regard to client size or complexity.
  • Net promoter scores across the board were unsatisfactory.


  • Introduced standardized operational management practices.
  • Developed compliance reporting to analyze the ratio of activities being completed for each case processed.
  • Push reporting via email was introduced to enforce process compliance.
  • Processes across sites were standardized to reflect best practices.
  • All members of the workforce were encouraged to contribute improvement ideas and assist with continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Introduced a framework for prioritizing and allocating work across the entire workforce.
  • Dashboard reporting was developed, customized and delivered for each department.


  • Process compliance increased from 83% to 99% in 6 months.
  • Rework effort was identified and reduced by more than 50% within 3 months.
  • Capacity released to focus on proactive client relationship calls.
  • Within a year customer satisfaction (net promoter score) improved to become the best when compared with global peers.
  • Increased productivity by 18% in under 6 months.
  • Grew headcount in high-performing locations.
  • Increased sharing and resource balancing across locations.
  • Reconciled leave and significantly improved management of leave liabilities.


50% reduction
rework effort

16% increase
process compliance

18% uplift
employee productivity

#1 globally
client satisfaction

70 managers

7 locations