International Retail Bank


"In the past many of our business improvement programs failed. Getting data was time consuming and inefficient. Since Reveal was implemented we have ready access to an incredible fact base of process related data. Now we can focus on the value-add activities."


  • A major retail bank was looking to release capacity in its branches by transferring processing to the back office. Service fulfillment headcount was expected to be held at prevailing levels to benefit from scale.
  • Although the bank works under numerous brands, across multiple geographies and languages it did not have a common workforce management toolset. 
  • Furthermore, internal business process improvement teams  were deployed to manage the transition and achieve the necessary cost-savings.
  • There was no consistent approach to identifying and prioritizing improvement opportunities, and no tracking of benefit realization.


  • Deployed Reveal in a phased-approach across all sites within a 12 month period.
  • Developed custom dashboard reporting to showcase trends in effort and cost per service for business services.
  • Identified business cycle trends for each team and department.
  • Introduced long range forecasting to better project volumes, future headcount and costs.
  • Provided monthly performance reports for executives to track key operational metrics and compare across departments and geographies.
  • Embedded a process for identifying improvement opportunities by considering the effort/cost, inefficiency and complexity of each service.
  • Provided a toolkit to enable improvements to be operationalized and benefits to be realized.


  • Productivity uplift of 16% in the 3 months and 32% within 6 months.
  • Significantly reduced the need for temporary employees, resulting in a 12% FTE saving.
  • Decreased effort per service by an average of 22%.
  • Improved employee engagement results through an increase in structured daily huddles and performance conversations.
  • Improved prioritization and allocation of work based on backlog and service levels.
  • Embedded consistent efficiency, productivity, quality and production availability metrics across the business.
  • Improved capability and decreased key-person dependency risk through targeted up-skilling and cross-skilling.


32% uplift
employee productivity

22% decrease
effort per service

12% reduction
workforce FTE

employee engagement

120 managers

9 locations

3 languages