Multinational Agribank


"For the first time I really feel my contribution is being recognized. I also appreciate the investment in my development to equip me with the skills essential to furthering my career."


  • A multinational agri-financing and sustainability-oriented bank had recently implemented a new workflow solution across multiple countries within the group, however it was unable to track the actual productivity of its people and teams.
  • Given the sensitive and high-value nature of the work being processed, many four-eye checks were being performed, though the outcomes of these were not being tracked.
  • Loaning and borrowing of bankers between teams was being done based on intuition or to cover staff absences.
  • It was widely accepted that differing regulatory requirements between countries had an impact on the effort and cost to deliver services to customers, though the specifics of these nuances were indiscernible.


  • Identical business service structures were defined for multiple countries to facilitate effort, efficiency and cost comparisons.
  • Proactive planning was introduced to identify and quantify excess capacity and inform workforce prioritization decisions.
  • Telephony and workflow data was integrated with Reveal.
  • For the first time quantitative and qualitative error tracking information was collected and reported as was the amount of low-value work being performed.


  • Using insight from Reveal, it was determined that in excess of 80% of each business service process was identical between countries, which allowed workflow to be used to better share work.
  • Capacity release from 26% productivity improvement was reinvested in cross-skilling and up-skilling activities based on error tracking insights.
  • The department was able to absorb overflow work from other divisions of the bank without needing to increase their FTE.


26% uplift
employee productivity

19% improvement
quality results

25% increase
skills development

27 managers

2 locations