National Insurance Provider


"The tools are great and provide visibility and insights that we've always wanted but have never been able to get. The data we now have has confirmed much of what we thought, but has also challenged some assumptions which have been key to the way we work around here."


  • A leading insurance company needed to rapidly improve its sales performance without increasing headcount.
  • In order to achieve this outcome, the company recognized the need to release capacity and address critical skill gaps.
  • Management also wanted to standardize processing across its geographic footprint.
  • The company required a flexible, innovative solution that could be quickly customized to meet its needs and provide a strong cost-benefit outcome.


  • Introduced robust operations management practices supported by Reveal’s workforce management software.
  • Implemented granular standards and measures to better manage performance and provide transparency.
  • Educated consultants to cross-sell and up-sell products.
  • Used Reveal to optimize resources across different teams aligned with departmental priorities and objectives.
  • Team leaders empowered to manage rather than administer teams.


  • Productivity increased by 35% in 4 months.
  • Sales revenue per consultant increased by 40% during a 6 month period.
  • Unleashed capacity equivalent to 12% of workforce.
  • Reduced unit cost by an average of 16% in 6 months.


35% uplift
employee productivity

40% increase
revenue per consultant

16% decrease
cost per service

employee engagement

80 managers

8 locations