National Pension Administration


"The results delivered by Reveal exceeded our expectations. They delivered widespread improvements which have set us up for the future."


  • A large national pension administrator, with over 1 million members, needed to significantly improve its operational performance.
  • Up-skilling team leaders and managers to better engage and utilize resources and to reduce costs was fundamental to addressing this challenge.
  • The company also needed to maintain focus on SLAs while balancing cost, quality and productivity in the short, medium and long term.
  • There was a desire to increase understanding of unit costs and cost drivers to better manage, control and improve.
  • To achieve operational excellence, heightened cooperation across the business was required.


  • Deployed Reveal across all teams and all business units.
  • Developed custom dashboard reporting to showcase trends in unit costs for each departments’ business services.
  • Identified business cycle trends for each team and department.
  • Introduced long range forecasting to better plan for future headcount and improve the management of budgets.
  • Integrated data from the customers quality program and reported it alongside productivity and production availability information.
  • Integrated with workflow system to monitor backlog effort per team.


  • Embedded consistent unit cost, productivity, quality and production availability metrics across the business.
  • Reduced FTE by 23% within 9-12 months.
  • Decreased effort per service by an average of 41%.
  • Identified cost drivers for each business service.
  • Improved staff engagement through an increase in structured performance conversations.
  • Increased cooperation and collaboration by making staffing decisions which reflected departmental priorities.
  • Reduced leave liabilities as a result of long range forecasting.
  • Decreased overhead costs through improved resource allocation.
  • Improved prioritization and allocation of work based on backlog and service levels.


23% reduction
workforce FTE

41% decrease
effort per service

employee engagement

50 managers

3 locations