Monitor employee contributions.

Gain a holistic view of performance at the individual level.


Performance Scorecards

Your employee insights in one dashboard.

Access accurate, actual employee performance data to understand how every member of your staff is doing. Simply select the employee to view their achievements and performance, compared with expectations, over any period. See how they compare with the rest of the team and their individual performance targets. Recognize where they have improved and identify how they can make an even better contribution to the business.

Boost Productivity

Work smarter not harder.

Being busy doesn't equate to being productive and even tracking time doesn't necessarily provide meaningful insights. Reveal's processing targets help assess the productivity of teams and employees and provide insights into quality and rework. This data can be used to highlight opportunities to work smarter, not harder. It’s easy to identify variances from the metrics, fueling fact-based conversations.

Investment Time

Invest in employee development.

Devoting time to people development is critical. Reveal helps you spend your training budget in areas of need and then monitor the expected improvement in skills and performance.

Leave Tracking

Reconcile leave and manage overtime.

Schedule vacation and leave using a leave calendar integrated with your planning. Understand when leave is actually taken and reconcile with your HR systems of record. Record overtime and track flexitime depending on your organizational preferences. You have the flexibility to configure leave and manage additional time activities to suit your business.


Receive the praise you deserve.

Ensure your performance conversations reflect an employee's overall contribution instead of just recent events. Reveal's functionality enables employees and team leaders to document accomplishments and challenges when they occur, adding valuable historical substance to performance conversations.

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