Manage Your Virtual Workforce

Delivering the World’s Most Successful Digital Workforce.

We have partnered with RPA leaders, Blue Prism, to deliver the vision of a Virtualized Workforce. 

We are in the age of Digital Transformation. Organizations must drive increasing value to their customers while lowering costs to remain competitive. Automation is the key to not only to improving customer loyalty, but also lowering the “cost to serve” and reducing risk. Automation enables transformation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), invented and led by Blue Prism, is a revolutionary new way to automate business that offers a potential ROI of 30% to 200% in just the first year. Employees of our customers have embraced RPA as it improves productivity.

·       RPA takes the robot out of the human. The average knowledge worker employed on a back-office process has a lot of repetitive, routine tasks that are dreary and uninteresting.

·       RPA is a type of software that mimics the activity of a human being in carrying out a task within a process. It can do repetitive tasks far more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly than humans, freeing them to do other tasks requiring human strengths such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer.

Reveal Group are an accredited Blue Prism Delivery & Capability Provider, as well as the first Blue Prism Authorized Training Partner in the Southern Hemisphere, and the third in the world.

Expanding on their extensive Blue Prism capabilities, Reveal Group have codified their RPA best-practices to create unique, practical training courses, designed and proven to quickly and efficiently develop client RPA capabilities. Leveraging and augmenting Blue Prism’s courses has enabled Reveal Group to offer training tailored to every role in the Robotic Operating Model (ROM). Reveal’s clients are already seeing substantial cost and speed benefits from uplifting their internal capabilities.

Quick Deployment

Avoid costly system integration.

Software robots interact with your existing systems in the same way human users do. As a result, software robots can be quickly deployed in a variety of situations and interact with a multitude of systems. Similar to other modules of Reveal, robotics is business managed avoiding the need for significant systems development, expediting implementation and maximizing benefits..


24-hour Workforce

Work day and night.

Software robots can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will execute the most tedious and repetitive activities with precision. Furthermore they provide significantly increased workforce flexibility which is particularly attractive to best manage volatility. Reveal's software includes features to plan and manage robot deployment.

Quality Improvements

Consistent, accurate, reliable and scalable.

Robots don't take vacation, they don't make mistakes when they're tired and they don't get sick. With robotic automation you have a clear idea of what resources are available at all times. Reveal's workforce planning helps optimize the deployment of all members of the workforce to ensure greater quality and therefore reductions in rework - benefiting customers. 

Security Assured

Keep sensitive information safe.

Processes subject to high incidence of errors or dealing with sensitive information are the perfect candidates for robotic process automation. Software robots utilize existing systems and security practices ensuring data privacy is protected. In addition an audit trail is maintained of every task performed by each robot providing superior accountability to that of humans.

Measure robot productivity.

As a consequence of advances in robotic process automation, virtual workforces are already an important resource pool. Reveal provides software robots to customers to exploit the numerous opportunities for the application of robotics. While robotics is cheap in comparison to alternatives, it is still important to measure and manage their productivity. Reveal's software monitors the performance of robots to ensure, like their human counterparts, they are being optimized and helping you achieve your unit-cost targets.  You are also able to use information from Reveal to identify which processes are the best candidates for robotic process automation.