"It took 3 months to implement and embed Reveal.  We had tried to develop and build an in-house solution which had taken years, had never really been adopted and lacked the functionality and features of Reveal."


  • A large second-tier bank was committed to rapid growth without detrimentally impacting its high level of customer service.
  • The new CEO wanted to know the extent to which staff were spending their time on low value processing.
  • By gaining visibility and rationalizing activities being performed, executives believed they would be able to grow business and maintain their current cost-base.
  • The executives were also aware that rigid "silos" had developed between teams and departments and understood these needed to be removed to optimize the performance of their workforce.
  • The company is highly unionized and a large percentage of the workforce have a long period of service (up to 25 years).
  • There was little budget to implement a program.


  • Reveal was rolled out over 12 weeks to all of operations (including finance) and across the branch network.
  • Planning and actual performance data was introduced and used to support resourcing allocations between teams and departments.
  • Implemented Reveal’s Capture feature and adherence reporting, which reduced program overhead and increased timeliness of data collection and improved accuracy.
  • Built custom reports to analyze cross-selling, comparing expectations with actual performance down to the branch and person level.


  • Increased productivity by 20% in 6 months.
  • Maintained relatively stable FTE base with a 75% increase in new business over 5 years.
  • Decreased effort per service by an average of 28% in 12 months.
  • Broke down silos through management engagement.
  • Introduced common performance metrics across all teams.
  • Identified opportunities to up-skill employees.


20% uplift
employee productivity

28% decrease
effort per service

75% growth
work volumes

120 managers

9 locations

3 languages