Trend Tracking

Work patterns at a glance.

Seasonal trends and work pattern volatility occurs within every business. Historic data provides insights into these work demand patterns to inform resource planning and deliver accurate forecasts.


Monthly Forecasts

People when you need them.

Develop rolling monthly operational plans which reconcile to business volume expectations. Reveal enables you to quickly and easily factor productivity forecasts, improvement initiatives, leave requirements and other relevant planning considerations into your workforce forecasts. This will help you mitigate workforce surpluses and deficiencies ensuring improved customer service.

Weekly Team Plans

Optimize your workforce.

Tactical planning links operational forecasts with day-to-day realities. Reveal includes dashboards which highlight short interval variations between actual performance and tactical plans. This improves control, allowing employees and leaders to preempt small issues before they become big ones.

Resource Coordination

Prioritize workforce allocations.

Discover if you have enough people to complete the anticipated work. Allocate employees between teams in response to changes in priorities and availability. Reveal enables you to make the best staffing decisions for your entire business.

Variance Analysis

Learn from your planning.

Routinely assess progress against plan to capture insights and learnings. Reveal's conditional formatting focuses attention on areas of greatest variance to enable the right questions to be asked and improve the accuracy of future plans.