Accelerate process improvement.

Reveal helps your business improvement teams.


Business Service Catalog

Define what you deliver.

Services you deliver to your customers are recorded within Reveal's business service catalog, as is all related process metadata. In combination with actual operational data this provides an incredible source of information to help business improvement teams.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Simplify things from every angle.

Reveal's all-seeing system tracks the number of customer interactions and hand-offs associated with each work activity in order to calculate a service complexity score. Comparing and contrasting "as is" and "to be" complexity scores in combination with actual volumes and costs facilitates the identification of improvements and generates the associated business case.

Opportunity Improvements

Biggest bang for your buck.

Reveal compiles your insights into key opportunity dashboards that you can access on demand. As a result, process improvement teams can increase efficiency, increase effectiveness and decrease cost by focusing on the best opportunities – achieving greater savings in a shorter time frame.

Backlog Tracking

Not done yet?

Backlogs can be a key indicator as to whether service levels will be achieved or missed. Knowing the volume and effort of work waiting to be completed is key information for any executive. Reveal provides this information so you can quickly prioritize your resources in order to meet customer obligations.

Cost Per Service

Know your most important metrics.

Many operations management experts maintain Cost-per-Service and Effort-per-Service are the most important metrics for service industry operations management. This information is updated dynamically so Reveal can provide it to operations executives whenever they need it. The sophistication of this data, including cost allocations, can be varied to individual customer needs.

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