Data readily sourced from any system.

Integration capability to collect data without IT involvement.


Connect Automation Engine

Let us do the work.

Disparate data sources, no matter where they are, can be easily interfaced to Reveal, avoiding the need to change any of your existing systems. Reveal's Connect module includes the requisite intelligence to translate data from your source systems so it can be stored, processed and reported in real-time by Reveal. 

Capture Form

Don't miss a moment.

Not every moment of your employees’ time is recorded in transaction processing systems, yet this information is vital to recognizing their contribution to your business and ensuring you have a complete picture. Our smart Capture form is easy to use and works on any desktop or mobile browser. Users can tailor it to their individual needs to record any data that is not otherwise available, together with relevant commentary. Capture data is timestamped and saved in the background as each event is recorded, available immediately to team leaders for intraday reporting.

Information Sharing

Help departments talk to each other.

A good business is greater than the sum of its parts. A key starting point is common terminology, common metrics and everyone using the same data rather than 'siloism'. Our informational hub makes it possible to analyze data from Finance, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Business Process Improvement, Quality, Risk and Customer Service – all in conjunction with your service-fulfillment information.

Data Sources

Unite all your information.

Data is your company's most valuable asset provided it is readily available. Our intelligent software unites all the information you need in a single repository so you can best manage it and make informed decisions based on complete and accurate facts. Our customers love having a single source of accurate data that they can rely on.

File Uploads

Pass all your data to us.

Most customers need more than operational data to assess the performance of their service fulfillment function. No matter where this additional information resides it can easily be incorporated into Reveal either by Connect or our Data Upload functionality. All required data is collected quickly and accurately so it's available in real-time - ie. on any device, any time, anywhere.

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