Optimize your operational skills.

Assess your talent profile and proactively manage training.


Talent Assessment

Know who's competent.

Get up-to-date information on the competencies of every employee within your workforce. Reveal stores a history of all work performed and the associated skill level of every member of your workforce. This helps you quickly identify employees who have the skills to perform specific work activities and ensures you make the best possible resourcing decisions.  Furthermore, Reveal identifies 'Experts' with the ability to train other employees.

Skill Gap Analysis

Don't leave yourself exposed.

Only having a small number of people trained in certain skills exposes you to risk. In the same vein, it’s not cost-effective to have an excessive number of people trained across a multitude of skills. Reveal's reporting ensures skills deficiencies and key-person dependencies are quickly highlighted so you can mitigate potential risk and get the balance spot on.

Competency Curves

Understand learning curves.

Understand how long it takes your new employees to become competent, so you can make the right recruitment, training and budget decisions. As your employees learn and apply new competencies, Reveal will monitor and report on their skills development and related productivity improvements. For the first time your team leaders will have an awareness of true learning curves.

Return on Training Investment

Invest where it counts.

Few businesses link training investments with actual business results. Reveal makes it simple to see the correlation on an employee-by-employee basis, so you can boost skills, set realistic individual progression targets and optimize your investments in training.

Stale Skill Reduction

Use it or lose it.

It's important to consistently apply skills to work activities in order to reinforce and maintain competency levels. To ignore this is to risk deterioration of productivity and quality when it’s needed most. Reveal tracks the work performed by every employee every day so you can manage workforce capabilities and avoid the risk of skills going stale.

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