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If you are writing about Reveal or would like to feature our brand on your website, please feel free to use our brand assets or get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

When using our assets, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

• Don’t alter our logos in any way

• When writing, please refer to us as Reveal, and link to www.revealgroup.com

• Handy one-liner: Reveal is a web-based operational excellence and business improvement application relied on by service operation teams across the globe


For Licensees, Press and Other Third Parties 

The name Reveal is widely associated with high-quality web-based workforce-optimization and business-improvement products and services. This and other trademarks of Reveal Group Limited are valuable and important intellectual property assets of the company. Thousands of work activities are recorded around the world every day by individuals and companies using Reveal’s products and services, and a uniform, proper use of our trademarks by all our licensees is key to our ability to associate our trademarks with the quality of our products and services.